Robert J Duncan IV


The Order: 1886
(Ready at Dawn)

Core Details

  • Completion: Feb 2015
  • Span: 15 months
  • Project Type: Full-Time
  • Platforms: PS4 (Proprietary Engine)
  • Role: Game Designer


Coming straight from the tactical 3rd-person shooting action of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, I was ready to use everything I learned from the development of that title to help finish The Order: 1886. Jumping into a project that is nearing completion is never easy, but I deeply enjoyed the opportunities I was provided, even more so as they allowed me to build a relationship of confidence, trust, and respect with the team. This proved to be extremely valuable during development, is at allowed me to readily jump between areas of the game and "fight fires" as they appeared. I found this particularly rewarding because it encouraged me to use a very broad range of skills; as an example of these extremes, the shipping product included voice work that had been written, directed, edited, and scripted by me... as well as a few lines of C++ code I personally wrote. Being so closely tied to certain assets while also being able to directly (and of course, respectfully) operate within the realm of gameplay engineering was a great way to flex my multi-disciplinary skills, push the bounds of my normal design role, and of course work more closely with talented team members from various departments.

In addition to working extensively on the game itself, I was also afforded the (much enjoyed) opportunity to work on peripheral materials as well: examples include contributions to various marketing efforts, writing and editing for the (incredible) art book, and extensive writing and editing for the strategy guide. Working with outside groups and vendors can sometimes be trying, but ultimately I really enjoyed the collaboration. Additionally, given the importance of IP building for The Order: 1886, it was rewarding to be directly involved in the efforts to preserve, catalogue, and otherwise maintain that fictional setting.

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