Robert J Duncan IV



As my portfolio, this is only a small portion of the projects I have worked on, but I believe this collection represents some of the best and most relevant works of my career. These pieces include examples of strong design documentation and development, mechanics design, theming and immersion, interactive storytelling, interface design, usability, designing under constraints, playtesting, balancing, puzzle design, user experience design, scripting, programming, and more. Additionally, many of these projects have provided excellent opportunities for me to improve my communication skills as well as my ability to work with diverse teams and other designers. For convenience, academic and personal projects have been separted from professional projects.

Professional Projects

The Order: 1886 (Ready at Dawn)

Working on this unique title with its incredible emphasis on crafting a seemless, filmic experience proved to be wonderful opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented and passionate developers of my career. In many ways, I see the experience we crafted as more of a work of art than a traditional commerical product.

Double Action (2k Marin)

Developed for the 2k Marin game jam after completing The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, developing this small but deep (and significantly polished) project was an excellent exercise in small-team collaboration, wearing multiple hats, and creating an atypical design.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (2k Marin)

Working as a game designer for this tactical shooter was been an excellent experience in design and working with a large team on a AAA title being developed for multiple platforms (including consoles).

Hearthstone (Blizzard Entertainment)

Working on this online collectible card game provided excellent experience in designing high quality, industry-leading games, with a very strong focus on gameplay systems and balance.

Unannounced Game Concept (Electronic Arts)

A project through Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center (with EA Games as the client), this unannounced game concept involved preproduction design work and tech-exploration. While this project was performed for academic credit, due to its direct work with EA personnel, location within the EA Redwood Shores campus, and the fact that it was driven by commercial goals, it is better classified as a professional project.

Academic/Personal Projects

Dar'cana (Academic Project)

A competitive dice game that features advanced mechanics, custom dice, and strong thematic elements. Also includes work in design documentation, playtesting, and balancing.

A Monk, A Forest, And… (Academic Project)

An audience-interactive virtual story that incorporates a strong degree of audience agency while maintaining an effective storyline.

What Pit Lord Do (Academic Project)

A 3d puzzle game that utilizes a head-mounted-display and body tracking to create an immersive experience. Features expandable game mechanics and a modular design that facilitates the addition of new levels and features.