Robert J Duncan IV



Core Details

  • Completion: Februrary 2011
  • Span: 3 weeks
  • Project Type: Academic Solo
  • Platforms: Dice
  • Role: Designer/Fabricator


In Dar'cana, players take on the role of Dar'canists, practitioners of the dark arts, struggling in battle against one-another. They choose spells and obtain runes, they summon creatures and cast deadly incantations, and they make sacrifices of both body and mind, all in hope of achieving victory over their opponent. A dice game at its core, Dar'cana allows players to use probability and strategy as they duel for supremacy, all-the-while being immersed in strongly thematic gameplay thanks to custom-fabricated dice, game boards, spells cards, and flavorful descriptions.

Design Document

With elements from both trading card games (such as Magic: The Gathering) and table-top roleplaying games (such as Dungeons & Dragons), Dar'cana is a dice game that strives to retain some of the best qualities of both. The development of Dar'cana spanned just three weeks, but included thorough design documentation, planning, and playtesting. See the downloads section below for the complete design document, including initial planning, test results, and post-mortem conclusions.



Design Document (Right Click and 'Save As')

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