Robert J Duncan IV


The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (2k Marin)

Core Details

  • Completion: August 2013
  • Span: 20 months
  • Project Type: Full-Time
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 (Unreal)
  • Role: Game Designer


As my first real foray into using the Unreal toolset and console development, as well as my first experience collaborating with a large team of designers, working at 2k Marin has provided me with invaluable experience toward my passion: working as a designer on high-quality games. With a focus initially on level design, I began as an intern (completing my graduate education) gaining professional experience in developing play spaces that provide effective means for spatial navigation as well as entertaining combat. The final "product" of the level design portion of my internship was a polished tutorial level intended to teach playtesters all of the game's (numerous and complex) mechanics. Even though this level did not ship with the completed game, it was invaluable to the team for playtests and received very positive feedback, and was strongly informative for developing the final tutorial level of the end product

During the second half of my internship, and ultimately my full-time position, I became a systems designer and worked on a wide variety of systems: player weapons tuning and balance, camera, core controls and movement, cover interaction, and control re-map systems. I also provided extensive support for perks, campaign systems, level scripting, and telemetry, while becaming the “go-to man” for prototypes and developing specialized one-off systems, often with narrative integration. Furthermore, I coordinated with the AI designer to develop the game's combat design and strike a balance between weapons and enemies, and collaborated with various other departments to achieve functional and aesthetic goals for varietal systems.

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